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American Guards is a leader in providing a variety of security and personal protection services including personal protection service to high-profile individuals, executives, dignitaries and celebrities. AGS serves institutions or business clients in need of reliable, long-term, professional and flexible security service throughout the state of TEXAS. We pride ourselves on quality service that will stand the test of time and encourage our prospective clients to call upon our expertise, professionalism, and our state of the art equipment, vehicles and communications for all members and levels of our organization Providing superior customer service and low rates along with our ability to understand our customer's protection needs drives the success of our company.

Our Approach

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Our 20-year track record is testament to our stability of management and dedication to providing responsive service. At AGS, we guarantee that if a problem should arise, we take action with a prompt and effective solution.

We have consistently set the gold standard for the security services industry. Through our uniquely intelligent approach to company policies and procedures, we have created a dynamic, progressive and innovative position in the security field. We invite you to explore our strategic approach to security

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